After defeating Zod, Clark returned to the Daily Planet and they embraced in an emotion-filled reunion

After defeating Zod, Clark returned to the Daily Planet and they embraced in an emotion-filled reunion

Year One

He started to bring up the kiss, but Chloe had since reunited with Jimmy Olsen. She brushed off any chances of hooking up. Clark reluctantly agreed, but he occasionally appeared to have mixed feelings. [9]

Chloe helped Clark locate the Zoners around the world. She also helped him hone his new superbreath power into a useful skill. On Thanksgiving day, Lana confided in Chloe that she was pregnant, but Chloe did not tell Clark. Similarly, Clark learned the identity of the Green Arrow, but asked Chloe to stop investigating the subject. Their shared secrets caused some tension in their usually-honest relationship.

Clark angrily confronted Chloe about Lana’s pregnancy, but when she retorted that she has to keep others’ confidence as well as his, Clark apologized with a hug. When Clark was trapped in an alternate reality in his mind, he and Chloe were escaped mental patients. Knowing her anxiety over the subject, he only told her that she was the only one who believed in him.

Clark was exposed to red kryptonite and crashed Lex and Lana’s engagement party. As Kal, he rudely said that Chloe «pines for» a relationship with him, admitting, «Can’t say I haven’t thought about it.» Chloe quickly forgave Clark, which angered Jimmy. Saying he could not compete with Chloe’s fierce devotion to Clark, he broke up with her on Valentine’s Day. However, Clark told him they should get back together and they made up.

Clark and Jimmy teamed up when Chloe went missing. Upon her return, Chloe insisted Clark X-ray her and he located a tracking chip under her collarbone. Chloe showed how much she trusted Clark by forcing him to burn her and pick the chip out with his fingers. Chloe confessed her fear of being kryptonite-infected and Clark promised to protect her. On Lex and Lana’s wedding day, Chloe upset Clark when she chastised him for not telling Lana how he truly felt about her.

When Chloe’s mother was drawn out of her catatonic state by Lex, he captured Chloe to manipulate Moira. She incapacitated Clark while under mind control but he was able to stop Chloe from shooting Lex and rescued Chloe and her mother. He later explained that before Moira slipped back, he told her all about her daughter’s achievements.

Chloe and Jimmy encountered a gunman sent to kill Lana Luthor. During the fight, Chloe was knocked off the staircase balcony. However she had already called Clark and he appeared at the bottom of the stairwell to catch her and lower her to safety. Clark tried to investigate who shot Lana and got angry when Chloe refused to tell him what she knew. She urged him to realize that sometimes people do things that he might not understand.

When Clark finally learned the true reason that Lana agreed to marry Lex, he reported to Chloe that he told Lana his secret and she acted like she was happy for him.

Year Two

After Reeves Dam collapsed and trapped Chloe and Lois, Clark was able to break through and take them to safety. Unable to sit and do nothing, Lois left Clark at the hospital to wait to see Chloe’s condition. Clark was devastated and disoriented from shock when informed that Chloe didn’t make it. He lost control of his super-hearing, focused on everything, and heard her in the morgue calling for help. He tried unsuccessfully to get her to talk about her miraculous resurrection, but Chloe refused. Later, Chloe tried to come to terms with Lana’s death and the two shared a hug.

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