Allen County Small Claims Rules

The following courts have information on small claims on their websites. Small Claims Court deals only with simple cases involving small amounts of money or real estate. 26th Judicial District Stanton, Grant, Haskell, Morton, Stevens, and Seward Counties Small Claims Court FAQ Kansas Bar Association Small Claims Court: What is it? How to use it? Kansas Legal Services Small Claims Court – Basic Information 4th Judicial District Anderson, Coffey, Franklin and Osage Counties How to File a Small Claims Case 5th Judicial District of Lyon and Chase Counties What is a Small Claims Court? The Dickinson, Geary, Marion and Morris County 8th Judicial District Small Claims Court provides a simple and informal procedure for people to resolve certain legal issues cost-effectively and quickly. 7. Douglas County Small Claims Information In a small claims court, you can sue someone or be sued by someone, and you present your own version of the case. You cannot be represented by a lawyer unless the other party is a lawyer. 30th Judicial District Barber, Harper, Kingman, Pratt and Sumner counties Small claims Bureau of Motor Vehicles, IRP /Deter UnitPO Box 16521Columbus, OH 43216-6521 (614) 752-7500. The Lima Municipal Court handles traffic, criminal and civil cases originating in Allen County, Ohio. Motion for Quiet Title Default Judgment View PDF parking lots are located across Union Street between the Allen County Department of Health and the bus station.

A parking meter is located on the west side of these parking lots. Order terminating the oral proceedings on application for annulment of the judgment in absentia. Disclaimer: These forms are provided as a courtesy and may be used for any legal purpose. These forms are designed for use in Wayne Superior Court No. 3. Other courts may not accept these forms and may have their own forms. When you sign and submit a form, you are providing the court with information that may help or harm your case. Before signing a court document or participating in a court case, it is highly recommended that you speak to a lawyer to make sure you know your legal rights and options.

The forms may not contain all the information necessary for the Court of Justice to give a ruling. These forms must not be used to participate in the unauthorized exercise of the right. The Wayne County Court Clerk and the court assume no responsibility for the actions taken by users of these forms, including reliance on their content. These forms are subject to change without notice. If you do not use these forms immediately or if you use them repeatedly, it is strongly recommended that you regularly review the forms on this webpage to ensure that the forms you are using are the latest version. Create an account – Increase your productivity, personalize your experience, and use the information that matters to you. Application Reviewed and Procedural Order Additional Notice Subpoena to defendant financial institution (revised 7-2020) See PDF Don`t let these things happen to you! Come to our office immediately with your payment and discuss a payment plan for all your unpaid fines and court fees if necessary. Location: 109 N. Union St (1st floor), Clerk`s Office, Lima, OH 45801 Certificate of Compliance – Sole proprietorship or partnership This will result in the suspension of your driver`s license, preventing you from receiving/renewing/naming a vehicle and surrendering to a debt collection agency! Procedural Application Supplementary Hearing – The Defendant accepted only the judgment (to be used at the first hearing) Order to the financial institution to respond to the interrogations Capital Recovery Systems, Inc. 750 Cross Pointe Road Ste S Columbus, OH 43230-6693 (800) 693-6835 Certificat de conformité – LLC, LLP or Corporation Pretrial Settlement Agreement (to be used before the first hearing).

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