He died by the murder from the Bush Offense Friends [at March 8, 1999]

He died by the murder from the Bush Offense Friends [at March 8, 1999]

Brand new summary of the ties was off his advanced level try to that we invest in. Popular society and particularly George H. W. Plant doesnt would like you understand this.

That have JFKs murder, Wonders Communities marketed the brand new Vietnam Battle, indulated illegal drugs to help you America, improve oils organizations finances, or any other what things to keep the arrangements getting a n.W.O. Lyndon Baines Johnson [33rd Studies Freemason and you will involved in the JFK murder] authored Memorandum 273 to drive the brand new Vietnam Conflict militarily with John Massachusetts car title and payday loan reviews McCones let. The trouble of Memorandum 273 try eloquently displayed out of Morrow:

Poppy is actually George H

meters., Friday, the brand new 23rd out-of November, 1963, the brand new limousine holding CIA manager John McCone taken on White Family foundation. He had been including here so you can interact one piece away from team past to help you become working in all the information entailed inside the a great presidential changeover the brand new finalizing away from National Defense Memorandum 278, a categorized document and that instantaneously corrected John Kennedys . The outcome of Memorandum 278 will give the latest Main Intelligence Agency carte blanche in order to proceed that have a complete-size battle about China. In essence, at the time of November 23, 1963, cina manage change Cuba once the thorn when you look at the Americas front side. It could along with would a completely new way to obtain narcotics to have the Mafias in the world places. (Robert Morrow, Personal Training, Shapolsky Editors, p. 249.)

I). Rodney Stich’s guide «Defrauding America» tells of an excellent «deep-protection CIA administrator» allotted to a bench-cleverness tool, code-titled Pegasus. It product «got tape-recordings of intentions to assassinate Kennedy» away from a spigot into cell phone from J. Edgar Hoover. The folks to your tapes was basically «[Nelson] Rockefeller, Allen Dulles, [Lyndon] Johnson off Texas, George Plant and you will J. Edgar Vacuum.»

In the 8:31 an effective

II). George de Mohrenschidlt (Oswalds friend) is actually an essential experience in the first Kennedy murder research. He had been slain every day (within 1977) when he try designed to testify regarding the murder, just like the used in his telephone directory was basically George Bushs term and Bushs team name. (i.elizabeth. Bush, George H. W. (Poppy) 1412 W. Kansas Zapata Oil Midland). His testimony you’ll wrap George H. W. Bush while some about murder very he was murdered inside Palm Coastline, Fl. W. Bush’s Skulls and you may Bones’ name as he ultimately turned into an excellent Skulls and you will Skeleton representative into the 1948.

III). J. Edgar Vacuum (33rd Education Freemason), lead of your FBI signed a memo naming George Bush off the new Central Cleverness Agencies just like the a supervisor of the rings from CIA-financed anti-Castro Cuban terrorists and you can assassins. Brand new label of the memo try Assassination out-of President John F. Kennedy. Comedy one to Bush recognized that memo are actual, but reject becoming a portion of the CIA ahead of 1976 and you may believes they relates to some other George Bush.

Hes a beneficial liar, as Nixon appointed your since a man involved in the Bay from Pigs since the a CIA agent in the 1961 while the almost every other George Bush and that George H. W. Bush says their directed in order to is largely a table clerk maybe not a management away from Cuban radicals. New FBI document are launched first by Joseph McBride regarding the Country inside July 1988 before Plant acquired brand new Republican nomination to have President. Heres one to temporary out of J. Edgar Vacuum (FBI) to help you George H. W. Plant (CIA). BR> IV). In the Realist (Summer, 1991):

«Bush try coping with the fresh now-popular CIA agent, Felix Rodriguez, recruiting correct-wing Cuban exiles on the attack off Cuba. It had been Bush’s CIA business to organize the latest Cuban neighborhood inside Miami to your intrusion. A newly receive FBI file implies that George Plant is privately involved in the 1963 murder of Chairman John Kennedy. This new document towns marksmen by the CIA. Bush at that time lived in Tx. Hopping out-of Houston to help you Miami per week, Plant invested 1960 and you may ’61 recruiting Cubans in Miami into intrusion.

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