I was switching my career track from economic analysis to more finance oriented work

I was switching my career track from economic analysis to more finance oriented work

I found that my lack of proficiency in Excel was really slowing me down in financial modeling, therefore I enrolled in your course.

I have gotten way faster with Excel and discovered a lot more functionality. Excel became a more important tool in my day-to-day work. I also got more confident with finance interviews.

My main goal when buying the courses was to learn the technical skills needed to compete against students from target schools. Wall Street Prep is more concise and comprehensive compared to other similar products I’ve tried. I have completed the Accounting Crash Course and the Analyzing Financial Reports courses, and both courses were effective and time well spent. These programs so far have helped me understand the accounting foundation needed to answer technical questions in interviews. After completing these courses, I’m looking forward to purchasing the industry-specific modeling courses.

I am currently working as an independent financial advisory in Shanghai and am looking to make a lateral shift in a more technically driven role.

As a recent graduate, I purchased the WSP Premium Package to gain further in-depth knowledge in the financial modelling domain and to develop my applicable skills in today’s dynamic work environment. WSP has taught me more than a university degree could ever do. Cutting through the complexity and eliminating the “fluff” from theoretical finance, it’s highly advised for anyone looking to learn hands on.

When I bought the Premium Package I was 6 months into starting my career as an investment banker. 75% of the time we use prebuilt models that pull information from so I wanted to really learn how to build financial models from the ground up to be able to compete in the job market when the time comes to move on.

I can already say that I am 10x more confident in my excel abilities which I am sure will superpower my next career step

I found the Restructuring course to be extremely informative as someone with minimal prior knowledge of bankruptcy and restructuring. The course does well to give a summary of the process, and explaining the significance of “pre-petition” and “post-petition” events.

I used the course to prepare for an upcoming investment banking interview and I’ll be making a final decision on full-time offers next week (thanks to WSP :)).

I purchased the Premium Package with the goal of learning some of the technical skills needed for a job in Investment Banking. I had conducted some research on my own but was also recommended that I take this course from notable firms on both the buy and sell side. When a VP at Point 72 told me that this course wasn’t just some random course in the internet and that he recommends taking it as all first year analysts at the firm have access to the course, I had made up my mind. Additionally a VP at JPM had similar advice.

I bought this while working as an assistant to financial advisers because I needed to learn to run analysis through excel quickly.

It is very concise and very well integrated with the financial modeling skill sets

It dramatically increased have a glance at the weblink my excel knowledge, which has enabled me to take on more analytic work and impress my boss.

I’ve always been intrigued by modeling, but have never been taught the ins and outs of the process. I also want to beef up my excel knowledge. I recently graduated this almost 2 months into my first job.

So far I’m enjoying the content. It is helping me apply what I have learned in undergrad. I can see this course providing significant value later in my career.

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