If you’re pretty sure that you fall into the 1%, then go for it

If you’re pretty sure that you fall into the 1%, then go for it

All I want for myself and for any reader of this site is for them to chase the things that stimulate them naturally, even if (especially if) those things are not normal, popularly-accepting paths; even if they have to break the mold to do it. Corollary to that is my desire for them to not feel kept from their dreams by something; to not feel held back. For most readers of this site, Adderall holds them back from pursuing their true passions; it holds them in a world they were not meant for. For you and for a couple other people I have come across, it may well be the other way around (as you alluded to): your ADD may be what’s holding you back. Far be it for me to stand in the way of that by over-demonizing something that might actually help in your case. Just be careful. Don’t let it suck you in; that will be a challenge all its own.

I do not think Adderall is evil on it’s own (graphic at the top of my website notwithsanding), but I do think it’s effects are immoral in 99% https://installmentloansindiana.org/cities/schererville/ of cases

And make damn sure you are making the decision to take the drug without denying some nagging voice that says “go do X and you won’t need it”, other wise the guilt will haunt you.

Either ADD is holding you back, and you should try pharmaceuticals to fix it with no shame, or your environment is holding you back, and you should spend time looking for (or inventing) an environment where you can thrive naturally.

I can’t sleep thanks to Adderall of course and i was just tired of studyin complex debt and equity instruments so i went through by bookmarks and this site was there, last time i was here was probably early this year or possibly last year. I’ve been on and off adderall and the thing that really helped me waybe of adderall was well actually hitting the gym but the pressure is too much now uni exams and all. I don’t know about you guys but I think adderall is making me old fast. I know this would probably be of no help to anybody but I guess I just needed a place 2 rant since I have promised myself not 2 log on 2facebook until 22nd which is my last exam.

Well I actually have a question. Although when I am not taking adderall I have no desire to smoke but when I do I smoke like a chimney, I don’t know why. I am sure there is a perfect scientific explanation to this but I have yet to figure it out. Charlette I hear you I kinda had that panic attach in summer I was taking adderall no stop for like 4 days hadn’t slept at all studyin for this ASsets exam for uni and when as i was about to enter the examination hall oh God I thought I was having a heart attack, couldn’t breath and my significant other at the time freaked out and wanted to take me to the hospital , I just told her i need to lye down and close my eyes and even then had trouble breathing needless to say I didnt’ write that exam that day.

I don’t know how many of you are smokers, but I am on and off kinda thing

Jonathan I totally know when you are sayin about talking to one self it’s weird but I realize I am doing that more and more and in the most awkward way I would ask my self ” hey , how are you doing? Also, I totally understand when you say why be awesome for other, shit I don’t need an A+ and I don’t need to make a billion dollars and amass the wealth of warren buffett. I’d much rather be a nice loving and caring person then a filthy rich person, well being both would be a plus though. I think I really need to get back to gym that took me away from adderall in the first place and I have a strong feeling it’ll do the same for me again.

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