Meeting a girl on the beach. Dating methods

Meeting a girl on the beach. Dating methods

Choose a place near the girls you like. Look around in a friendly manner, nod and smile if you make eye contact with one of them. (Don’t be a sneaky predator!) Look away and keep looking around. And only after a while look at the girl again – is she looking at you? Be as natural as possible. Girls will definitely look at you, but they are unlikely to appreciate your artificial poses or pompous appearance. Girls will appreciate you if they see that you are having fun, having fun (sincerely, of course!). If you are in a company, go crazy on the shore or in the water near the shore (catching up, jumping into the water from a tower or from each other’s shoulders). If you “accidentally” hit a girl during these games, strike up an acquaintance with her, starting with an apology.

Building a castle

You are alone? Start building a sandcastle or something out of pebbles if it is a pebble beach (I saw amazing structures made of pebbles, pieces of wood and seagull feathers on one of the beaches in the Krasnodar Territory, vacationers queued up to take pictures against it. The author of this building until the end of his vacation, he enjoyed the company of two beauties meet an inmate inloggen whom he met thanks to his construction). Invite a girl to play ball or frisbee with you. This does not require special skills, and usually bored girls are happy with such entertainment. Although at first she e time she will smile and laugh, saying that she does not know how. In this case, be persistent! Cheer her up by saying «I’m sure you’ll do great!» If he refuses without a smile, turns his face to the side, calmly move away without persuasion, not your option. But she is not the last on this beach – keep looking! You can “accidentally” send a ball or Frisbee towards the girl (just don’t stick the ball in her yourself!) Apologize and say that the Sun blinded you (hinting, by the way, that the Sun is she herself and you were blinded for a moment from such beauty!) , or that your friend made a clumsy pitch. A direct hit on a girl with a ball (with a kite or a frisbee will not cause anything but irritation and anger at you, be extremely careful. When in front of my eyes the guy failed to cope with the kite on one of the beaches of Egypt and the kite fell on a young Italian woman, the matter ended in a challenge security, and then the police .

Meeting a girl on the beach the old fashioned way

The trick is old, known to both boys and girls. Ask a stranger to look after your things while you swim or go to a cafe for a drink (don’t forget to bring her something in this case!) She, of course, knows about her and if she agrees, be sure that she is ready to continue dating! When you swim, sincerely thank her and offer some kind of fruit, ice cream as a reward – well, figure out what exactly. Then just keep the conversation going. If you brought a mini-fridge with drinks or water, this is also an occasion to approach the young lady and offer her a bottle – “I see that you are hot, but I have a large supply with me! Help yourself!» If she takes it, get acquainted and continue the conversation. Ask about her plans for the evening and invite her on a date, do not put it off indefinitely.

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