Meeting new girls does not necessarily mean that you have to try to get into a romantic relationship with them

Meeting new girls does not necessarily mean that you have to try to get into a romantic relationship with them

Lately I’ve noticed that when I hang out with my friends, most of the time it ends up being a sausage fest. This is a major problem facing many guys today because our lives seem to get busier each day and there seems to be very little time to meet new girls. It’s nice to mix it up and just have female friends that you can hang out with from time to time. Girls are not going to come knocking at your front door so if you want to meet girls, you have to put in a little effort on your part. I’ll make a list below of the places that have worked for my friends and I in the past.

We would call it “making our rounds” because we would walk through the mall systematically on the lookout for girls. It’s not as creepy as it sounds, I promise! If you are in your late teens or 20’s, the mall is a gold mine for meeting girls. There are tons of girls shopping around and working in the stores. While you’re shopping, try to notice the ones that seems to be interested in you. Well, how do I know if they are interested in me? She keeps on looking at you because it looks like you are about to steal some products or because she wants to know who you are. Approach her when she is not very busy and ask her some questions about the products. It’s a very easy way to start a conversation. If you feel that she’s easy going and it happens to be around lunch time, consider treating her to lunch or a simple coffee. Speaking of coffee, the girls working at the coffee shops in the malls are also generally very friendly and cute.

Because you are too busy to meet new girls, you better hope that working out was one of those things that is taking up your time. If you’re in shape or in the process of getting into shape, I highly recommend hitting up a beach or public pool. These types of places are packed with females during the months of June to August. You’ll be very surprised to see how easy it is to start a conversation with a group of girls. If you see a girl that interests you in a group, show interest in the whole group and not just one specific person. Hopefully you brought a Frisbee, football, volleyball, or some sort of ball for them to play with (get your mind out of the gutter). Approach the girls with a genuine smile and politely ask if they would like to join you in a game of whatever sport you have chosen. 9 out of 10 times, they will be more than happy to play.

It doesn’t get better than finding a girl that not only likes sports but is physically involved in the game as well. Pretty much every city in North America and Europe will have sports teams that have men and women on the same team. This is probably the best and easiest way to meet girls and new people in general. Everybody has very similar interests and starting a conversation couldn’t be simpler.

These places are also packed with lovely ladies to mingle with

I have a feeling that Yoga instructors across the country are catching on to men that join these classes just so they can meet girls. I think it is safe to say that the majority of the students in yoga classes are female. The girls wearing the yoga pants is enough for me to sign up for a class. Check your local listings because there are lots of beginners classes being offered each week. The girls in this environment are usually in amazing shape so their standards might be a little higher. Just keep that in mind, have fun, and remember that creating a strictly platonic friendship with a new girl is fine. It’s not possible to be romantically involved with every girl you meet.

Solution: Get over it princess and take some dance classes. I don’t care which type of dance class it is (minus square dancing), but just do it! Where else are you going to get a chance to physically interact with a random girl you’ve never met before? Even better news is that the guys will be greatly outnumbered by the girls. Meeting new girls at dance classes is probably even easier than joining a sports team. So what if your buddies laugh at you. At the end of the day, you’ll have the last laugh when they see you hand in hand with that cute girl you met from the dance class.

My friend Juan (RIP) and I would do this at least once a week

This is where you’ll find them sophistimacated girls. I’m not sophisticated enough for art galleries but a few friends have met girls here. If art and history interest you then breaking the ice with a new girl should not be a problem. Both will have something to talk about over coffee perhaps?

That about does it for my recommendations on places to meet new girls. There are other obvious places that I didn’t mention such as bars, pubs, college/universities, and libraries. If you have any other places that have worked for you in the past, let us know!

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