The Older American Act Senior Legal Assistance Program Maryland

elder abuse, including consumer fraud and financial abuse of older adults. Melissa Baum, an attorney and program director of the Baltimore Bar Association`s Senior Legal Services Program, said she is getting more and more calls for help with substance use issues, debt collection and guardianship assistance. To search online for community legal resources near you: The developer must coordinate legal resources across the state and provide training and technical support to ensure that available resources support an effective and high-quality legal aid program. Free legal answers from the American Bar Association. An 80-year-old man found the position as part of a guardianship application, but did not believe he needed a guardian. A legal claimant defended the man against the imposition of guardianship by showing that the criteria for granting guardianship had not been met. The Economic Security and Health Care practice operates through enhanced legal advice to ensure seniors receive the income, benefits and services to which they are entitled. This nonprofit provides legally strong advocacy services to people with disabilities in the United States. Legal Counsel for the Elderly advocates for the dignity and rights of older adults in Washington, D.C.

by providing free legal services to those in need and by empowering, advocating, and protecting low-income seniors. Help us continue to help them. drafting living wills and appointing substitute decision-makers to accommodate the wishes of older adults when they become unable to work; Seniors (defined as 60 years of age and older under the U.S. Older Americans Act) share most of the need for civil services with young people. They also have other legal needs that increase with aging, such as health and insurance disputes, nursing homes and assisted living, social security and pension issues, protection from abuse and neglect, and age discrimination in employment and services. However, income qualifications and legal services available vary by location. Find a legal aid program near you. In Spanish| For more than 45 years, Legal Counsel for the Elderly has championed the dignity and rights of seniors in Washington, D.C. by providing free legal and social services to those in need. Our work focuses on the most important aspects of a senior`s life, including housing, economic security, self-determination, health and safety. We impact the lives of nearly 10,000 people each year and advocate for reforms to laws, regulations and long-term care facilities across the city.

The Maryland Department of Aging (MDoA) and Maryland Legal Aid recently surveyed the elderly population to assess their legal needs and use of legal services. Seniors, in particular, need help with estate planning, including wills, trusts, powers of attorney and advance medical directives, as well as possibly guardianship and other forms of care support. «We`re also seeing more scams from family members where the senior`s bank account is emptied by someone with a power of attorney or other access to their funds,» Baum said. «We need more money, donations and pro bono support for our services.» Although Title VII was enacted in 1992, Congress has never allocated funds to the program. While some State departments of aging have full-time legal service developers, in Maryland and the vast majority of states, this is a part-time job with few resources and high turnover. The MDoA also reported that the highest number of persons benefiting from mutual legal assistance under Title III-B was 4,488 in FY 1998 and fell to 3,486 in FY2008. «Because of their unique health, income and social needs, and because they often rely on government agencies with complex requirements, seniors need access to competent legal counsel,» said Hank Greenberg, advocacy director for AARP Maryland. As the elderly population grows and becomes poorer and has a significant need for legal aid, public support for these services has declined in Maryland and many other states. But they are the ones who need it most.

If you don`t have timely access to help from organizations that provide free legal services, or if your senior is not eligible, you may want to find low-cost or discounted legal help. Nearly 50 percent said the biggest barrier was cost, while many said they knew nothing about free or low-cost legal aid or how to get it. Pop Quiz: What is the fastest growing age group in Maryland and the United States? (A) 25 years of age and under (B) 26 to 59 years of age; or (C) 60 years of age and older? guardianship issues, with a focus on the representation of older persons who are the subject of guardianship actions; This decline comes despite the U.S. Seniors Act of 1965, which was enacted by Congress to encourage planning and support for older adults through state and state departments of aging.

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