The Truth about Prostitution Laws in Nevada

Illegal prostitution is the most common form of prostitution in Nevada; The offence is an administrative offence. The cities of Las Vegas and Reno have been working to expand their tourist base by attracting families to hotels and casinos. As a result, the state legislature made prostitution illegal in Clark County, and law enforcement sought to eliminate once-endemic street prostitution by passing laws against it in 1971. Despite this, prostitutes continue to work in casinos, where they wait in bars and try to get in touch with potential customers. [45] Of all prostitution businesses in Nevada, only about 10% are legal, and 90% of illegal prostitution takes place in Las Vegas. [46] The vast majority of prostitution in Nevada takes place illegally in the Las Vegas and Reno metropolitan areas. [47] [48] [49] Legal prostitution in Nevada brings in about $75 million a year, while illegal prostitution in the Las Vegas area brings in about $5 billion a year. [1] Approximately 300 to 400 prostitutes are arrested by Las Vegas police each month. [50] Nevada is very specific about its laws regarding prostitution and brothels because it is a way for prostitutes to make a living, but in safety. If you have been charged with a prostitution-related crime, contact a trusted lawyer to make sure your legal rights are protected. Prostitution-related crimes can turn into a sex offender charge, which carries a social stigma that you certainly don`t want to have.

Our experienced lawyers at The Defenders will inform you about the laws of prostitution in Nevada. Prostitution laws vary from place to place. It is important that you know when it is considered acceptable and when it is not, so that you and your partner are protected. For more information about prostitution in Nevada, contact us today. Nevada politicians can (and usually do) play both sides of the prostitution conflict by declaring that they are personally opposed to prostitution, but believe it should be up to the counties to decide. With nearly three-quarters of Nevada`s population living in a single county (Clark County, where prostitution is illegal), county control over local affairs is a hot topic. Northern county lawmakers often reflexively oppose what is seen as «meddling» by the majority in the south, and southern lawmakers have been too divided on this issue to enforce a national ban. Although prostitution is illegal in most of the United States, most people know that Nevada`s rules are different. However, out-of-town visitors to Las Vegas and the rest of the state often don`t know the legal limits, who can be charged with a crime, and what defense is available to them if they are charged. Benjamin Nadig`s law firms are experienced sexual assault lawyers in Las Vegas and here to help.

Under Nevada state law, any county with a population of up to 700,000 can authorize brothels from the last ten-year census[18] if they wish. [5] Cities of incorporation in counties that allow prostitution may further regulate or prohibit trafficking altogether. In an article published in the Guardian in 2007, anti-prostitution activist Julie Bindel wrote: «If you believe her public relations, Nevada`s legal brothels are safe, healthy — even fun — places to work. Why do so many prostitutes tell such horrific stories of abuse? [63] All forms of prostitution, including brothels, are illegal in the following counties and in our capital: The vast majority of prostitution in Nevada takes place illegally in the Las Vegas and Reno metropolitan areas. About 66 times more money is spent by clients on illegal prostitution in Nevada than on regulated brothels. [1] Some scholars have argued that Nevada brothels should not be seen as bizarre or deviant, «but rather part of today`s neoliberal consumer economy.» in which the consumer`s personal choice is elevated to the rank of moral right». [2] The bill failed in committee and did not pass the legislature, despite support from prostitutes and other industry members for a tax. Republican Gov. Jim Gibbons had previously expressed his disapproval of the law, telling NPR, «I`m not a supporter of legalizing prostitution in Nevada. Taxation recognizes legality.

And that`s all I want to say. LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — It`s a worldwide belief that anything is allowed in Las Vegas, including prostitution. The main reason for this is that prostitution is legal in the state of Nevada, but not in all Nevada counties.

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