This can be discouraging when you’re looking for love and want to find your soulmate

This can be discouraging when you’re looking for love and want to find your soulmate

However, it’s a good start. Kwink also focuses on some things that might not really matter when it comes to discussing compatibility. For example, liking the same foods and the same movies isn’t crucial in a relationship even though it might help you establish a connection at the beginning.

When filling out your profile, it’s your responsibility to fill out the fields that are the most important to you or the app will match you with people based on things that don’t really matter. For example, if having someone from the same religion or political party is important to you, make sure to mention this in your profile.


Kwink is still pretty new, so you won’t have as many options to choose from because fewer users are on it. You might need to wait until it becomes more popular or mainstream so you can potentially have more options for matches.

Spam messages

Unfortunately, on the free version, spam messages are also common. This can be annoying when you are trying to really connect to someone and find someone real. If you receive a message that you think is spam though, you can report it.

Kwink is definitely not a spam dating website, but it does have some issues that make it harder to use than other dating sites. The fact that it’s still so new also makes it harder to find matches.

Long-term vs short-term relationships

Kwink is also aimed at those wanting long-term relationships. If you are looking for hookups or something short-term, Kwink will not be the best choice. Most users are looking for something serious.

User-Friendly Mobile App

The days of signing onto a computer to see your matches and find a potential date are over. Kwink has a mobile app for IOS and Android users, so you can use it on the go. Most users say the app is very user-friendly so you shouldn’t have a problem finding your profile page. You can also completely set up your account on the app without ever needing a computer.

This makes it much easier to upload photos and other information that the website asks for. When you have a few spare moments at work, you can update your information and talk to people online.

Responding to people’s messages quicker can start your relationship sooner and give you the love you desire in your life.

Safe Chat Features

The app allows you to chat with people in the messaging portion of the app, so you don’t need to give out your phone number or social media handles. This makes talking to people safe and secure. Since you are chatting with people you don’t know yet, you shouldn’t readily give out your number until you have chatted with them for a bit and feel comfortable giving out your number.

Until then, use the chat app through Kwink. It also makes it much easier to keep track of who you’re talking to and who you are connecting with more than others. You can also continue to view their profiles as you chat with them to help you connect and form conversation.

User Blocking Available

Unfortunately, bad things happen on dating websites. While it can be monitored on Kwink, it can’t be completely avoided. If you encounter someone who starts to harass you or interacts with you in a way that makes you uncomfortable, you can easily block them.

You can go into their profile, click Settings, and then select “block user.” Remember that if you give out your personal phone number or social media handles, the person will still be able to contact you through those means.

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