This is exactly far more advice one to I have discovered has just about any of it secret

This is exactly far more advice one to I have discovered has just about any of it secret

We come across now doubt you to JFK desired to prevent engagement i letter Vietnam by many people pseudo-historians and people who cannot stand the fact more than one individual or the Usa authorities having Wonders Communities slain JFK

I was however passionate to this recently evaluate my personal JFK film Dvd. The truth is around for the names, towns, platforms, etcetera. during the an easy to understand style.

I might create a shared on Dr. Lincolns assassinations and. The same individuals murdered the step 3 men. Your situation struck my personal face merely years back. We realized it absolutely was a beneficial conspiracy, however, We didnt know it is actually therefore deep and thus many some body got intense hatred because of it guy. Magic Communities (Masons/Illuminati/Jesuits) assassinated JFK a variety of reas ons. A portion of the grounds he was assassinated had been:

1). JFK attempted to end-all You.S. armed forces engagement in the Vietnam Battle of the providing Memorandum No. 263 while the complete removal of all the U. JFKs policy for Vietnam were to consistently upload armed forces advisors and you may weapons south Vietnamese to battle the V.C. and you can develop winnings the war and never playing with U.S. soil pushes to get it done.

S. forces regarding Vietnam by the 1965

For the Oct dos, 1963, prior to the guy went to Colorado, Kennedy questioned their Assistant out of Security McNamara to make a general public statement with the their purchase for the withdrawal of 1,one hundred thousand American soldiers out of Southern Vietnam by the end of your own seasons, and therefore new You.S. may possibly withdraw all-american troops towards the end away from 1965. The latest document have jfklancer/NSAM263.html .

He could be brutal inside their rhetoric and theres zero option however, to answer this type of distorters. Specific even point out that Eisenhower remaining new engagement reasonable, while JFK escalated You.Smitment to over sixteen,100. The beginning of the new refutation is the fact Colonel Fletcher Prouty [former liaison between your CIA on 1960s as well as the Pentagon teaches you the fresh worthless numbers video game that is low research used to distort record. Considering Colonel Prouty:

Don’t get involved towards the number online game. JFK had from the sixteen,000 You armed forces for the Vietnam. He showcased which they weren’t inside combat ports, however, it doesn’t amount all the people for the CIA, an such like. However, this is correct of one’s Eisenhower days. We and you will my personal whole squadron was indeed inside and out out-of Vietnam from day to night when you look at the 1952, 1953 and 1954 i am also sure individuals exactly who accompanied me because job are there a lot more. My brother are that have a group during the Hanoi inside 1954 and you will 1955. We’d many men permitting on Dien Bien Phu . aerial work generally. We’d naval systems and a lot of army anyone. In addition, the fresh CIA got higher equipment of Korea, Taiwan as well as the Philippines for the Vietnam as well as ended up being here extended. It started to fit into Lansdale for the ’54. This is not the newest wide variety that matter. It’s precisely what the President required. JFK assist things roll with each other. things that had been started of the Eisenhower, and several of these expanded. However, he was getting away from indeed there of the 1965 and you will wished track of delivering boys domestic throughout the 1963 and you will 1964. While i was implementing NSAM 263 [Taylor/McNamara Report] I found myself really well briefed with this plan away from Kennedy’s. He had been escaping in which he need one into checklist. This is why he was decide to try. [High Treason, Appendix A good, p.469)

Various other site try off JFK into the a news conference. The following is a beneficial transcri ptfrom a press conference into October 30, 1963of Kennedys announcement in order to withdraw a lot of men out-of Southern Vietnam towards the end of 1963:

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