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With this increase of nearly 15% in the number of PCs, seven lawyers are ahead of A&L Goodbody (which has 320 this year) and Arthur Cox LLP (with 312). These are the only three companies with more than 300 practitioners. Arthur Cox LLP is one of Ireland`s leading law firms. We are an entirely island company with offices in Dublin and Belfast. We also have offices in London, New York and San Francisco. Our practice covers all aspects of corporate and commercial law. Elsewhere in the table, by a curious coincidence, no fewer than five companies out of 63 PCs were tied, namely Eugene F. Collins, Philip Lee, Pinsent Mason LLP, LK Shields LLP and Walkers. DAC Beachcroft Dublin sat at the table for the first time.

Given the relative stability of this chart each year, it is not surprising that the ranking of most companies this year is the same or almost the same as in previous years. The firm that was seventh on the table last year, Allen & Overy LLP, is not represented at all this year. In addition, it is unlikely that Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer LLP with 88 PCs will even be represented in this year`s table next year. None of these City of London law firms – both members of the elite «magic circle» – have ever had an office in this jurisdiction and, to the Law Society`s knowledge, have no plans to set one up. Following a decision made by the Company in the second half of 2020, based on a thorough review of policy and relevant legislation by the Company`s Practice Regulatory Committee, the Company will no longer issue professional certificates to law firms that do not have or plan to have an office. in that jurisdiction. Matheson is now the largest law firm in Ireland, having ranked third in each of the last six years. In each of these years, the Law Society published the number of Bar Certificates (CPs) of the largest law firms as of the last date (December 31) of the previous practice year. The phenomenon of large international law firms without an establishment in this area of competence issuing Irish professional certificates to their lawyers who have recently come here was a by-product of Brexit and has now come to an end.

Below the 300 number are two companies, McCann FitzGerald and Mason Hayes & Curran LLP, which have also grown significantly in the number of PCs – by 18 and 20 respectively – over the past year. Ireland is home to a mix of large, medium-sized and boutique companies, including A&L Goodbody LLP, Arthur Cox, Mason Hayes & Curran LLP, Matheson LLP, McCann FitzGerald LLP, Byrne Wallace LLP, Dillon Eustace and William Fry. International companies are also increasingly setting up shop in Dublin; In addition to Eversheds Sutherland, Fieldfisher, DAC Beachcroft Dublin and Maples Group, Hogan Lovells, DLA Piper and Dentons Ireland have established Irish offices in recent years, while Addleshaw Goddard entered the market in 2022 after merging with Eugene F. Collins. This reflects the growing recognition of the important role played by Ireland`s globally interconnected economy in Europe. Ireland Stapleton is proud to announce that the firm has been named to The Best Lawyers in America`s® «Best Law Firms 2022» list. The firm has been classified in the Metropolitan Tier 1 for its work in commercial litigation, corporate law, labour law – management and real estate law. He has been classified in the Metropolitan Tier 2 for administrative/regulatory law, commercial organizations, labor law – individuals, environmental law, litigation insurance.

The impact of Brexit on the Irish economy has been evident for several years, as many businesses prepare for Brexit long before the UK officially leaves the trading bloc. A major trend driven by Brexit has been the acceleration of the establishment of multinational companies in Ireland, with Ireland benefiting from its common law system, the use of English and its presence in the single market. These developments are particularly evident in the technology sector; Facebook and Google both have their European headquarters in Dublin, while TikTok opened an office in Dublin in 2021. The growing presence of multinational technology companies in Ireland has led to an increased demand for privacy and technology lawyers. Despite these benefits for the Irish economy, the ongoing problems between the UK and the EU over the Northern Ireland Protocol remain a source of uncertainty for Ireland. The impact of Covid-19 is also evident in the rapid growth of logistics infrastructure and data centres in Ireland. In particular, the growth of data centres is closely linked to the growth of the Irish technology hub and has drawn increasing attention to its energy consumption and the resulting pressure on the Irish network system. The data centres also drew attention to the conflict between Ireland`s growing economy and the government`s ambitious renewable energy plans. The country plans to shift its energy mix towards renewables over the next few decades, with wind and solar projects providing plenty of work for Irish project advocates. Increased investment in transport infrastructure is also an important source of activity in this area. Dillon Eustace is a leading international law firm specializing in financial services, banking and capital markets, corporate and mergers and acquisitions, litigation and dispute resolution, tax, insurance and real estate. The firm has a dynamic team of lawyers representing companies from all sectors, including media, insurance companies, pharmaceutical/healthcare companies, aviation and shipping industry participants, and real estate developers.

The financial services practice is the market leader and advises international and domestic asset managers, investment fund promoters, insurers, banks, corporations, TPAs, custodian banks and prime dealers. The Irish economy continues to be strongly impacted by the two major trends of Covid-19 and Brexit in 2021. While Ireland`s GDP growth bucked the European trend in 2020 with growth of 5.9%, it was mainly driven by exports from multinationals as the country`s domestic economy was hit hard by the pandemic. While the pandemic-related unemployment payment helped protect people from income losses due to business restrictions and closures, unemployment peaked at 7.9% in March 2021. The vaccine rollout in Ireland has been one of the most successful in the world, with more than 75% of the population receiving two doses as of December 2021. This allowed the government to keep the economy much more open than it was in the winter of 2020, although a planned lifting of all restrictions was cancelled in October 2021 due to an increase in cases caused by the Delta variant.

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