Zoning by Law Vaughan

«Zoning By-law» means Zoning By-law No. 1-88 of the City of Vaughan. 3. Uses permitted under section 6.2 (EM1) — Prestige Employment Area of the Zoning Ordinance. 4. Any use of land and any construction, site or use of a building or structure is prohibited on land in the area designated as an environmental zone for open space on the map referred to in subsection 2 (1), except for uses legally permitted under section 7.4b (SO5) — Zoning Open Space Environmental Protection Area. (4) The building rules set out in § 6.1 General provisions of the articles of construction apply to all uses permitted under subsection (3) of subsection (2) of this Ordinance. Some city properties may have a site-specific zoning exception. This exception is a zoning change for a particular property.

I. are connected to, subordinate to, or exclusively dedicated to, the storage and distribution facility, and 3. This Section applies to land in the area designated as an employment area on the map described in paragraph 2(1). The Zoning Order is regularly updated to ensure that by-laws reflect changes to regulations. The consolidation of offices for Zoning By-law 001-2021 was completed on August 11, 2022. 1. Any use of land and any construction, location or use of a building or structure shall be carried out in accordance with this Regulation. Schedule B-1 Vaughan Metropolitan Centre Special Provision filed March 4, 2022 under Planning Act, R.S.O. 1990, c. P.13 6. This by-law is deemed to be an order made by the Vaughan Town Council for any purpose except for the purposes of section 24 of the Act.

3. Nothing in this Regulation shall prevent the reconstruction of a building or structure damaged or destroyed by causes beyond the control of the owner, provided that the dimensions of the original building or structure are not increased and its original use is not altered. 7. These Regulations come into force on the day on which they are introduced. 2. (1) This Order applies to property located in the City of Vaughan, in the Regional Municipality of York, Ontario, that is shown in red on a map numbered 252 and deposited at the office of the Toronto Ministry of Local Affairs and Housing at 777 Bay Street. Calendar B-6 Oak Ridges Moraine Land Use (October 13, 2021) ZONING BY-LAW – TOWN OF VAUGHAN, REGIONAL MUNICIPALITY OF YORK 1. Storage and distribution facility defined as a building or part of a building primarily used for the storage and distribution of goods and materials. 2.

Any use of land and any construction, location or use of a building or structure shall be prohibited on the land referred to in paragraph 1, with the exception of: 2. Nothing in this Regulation shall prevent the use of land, buildings or structures for a use prohibited by this Regulation if the land, building or structure is lawfully used on the date of coming into force of this Regulation. On October 20, 2021, Vaughan City Council passed a new Comprehensive Zoning Order 001-2021 for the City, which is currently under appeal. Until objections are resolved, all applications for compliance with the former Zoning By-law (By-law 1-88, as amended) and the new Zoning By-law (001-2021, as amended) will be considered. Created: 4 March 2022 Submitted: 4 March 2022 Publication on e-Laws: 7 March 2022 Printed in The Ontario Gazette: 19 March 2022 2. For the purposes of this Regulation, land referred to in subsection (1) is considered to be a single piece of land. Zoning Services is responsible for the interpretation and administration of the City of Vaughan`s zoning by-laws. 4.

Nothing in these Regulations prevents the reinforcement or safe restoration of a building or structure. ** DISCLAIMER: The annexes to Bylaws 001-2021 (below) are being updated and may not reflect all changes made after October 20, 2021. 2. The use of outdoor storage areas, defined as outdoor areas used for parking, installation, storage and maintenance of commercial vehicles, heavy-duty vehicles and intermodal containers, i.e. the zoning by-law governs the use of land, including: Schedule B-4 Lands Subject to Minister`s Zoning Order (October 13, 2021) (3) The minimum residue of a building or structure from of a provincial road is 14 meters. ii. on the same lot as the storage and distribution facility. Please note that Comprehensive Zoning By-law 001-2021 is currently being challenged before the Ontario Land Tribunal. Therefore, Zoning By-law 1-88, as amended, remains in effect and applies to all lands in the City of Vaughan. Building and planning applications that are not considered transferred under section 1.6 of Zoning By-law 001-2021 as amended are subject to compliance with the two zoning by-laws (1-88 and 001-2021), while Zoning By-law 001-2021 is contested.

The majority of zoning exceptions under Zoning By-law 1-88 have been transferred to zoning exceptions under Zoning By-law 001-2021.

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